Hidden Hills Ranch is a non profit organization that provides families and individuals of all ages and abilities, with innovative and hands on opportunities for discovery, inspiration and education in a peaceful setting.

Comers family

 From a little shed to a wonderful ranch...

In 1985 Mark and Gayle Comer had a dream of gathering resources and books for homeschooling families in the area. In those days, there weren’t websites and online classes at their fingertips. They scoured libraries for the resources for their own family, and they knew that other homeschooling families struggled with the same problem. By 1995 they had gathered enough curriculum and books to start a resource library in a little shed on their property. They lent books on an honor system, began tutoring, and started organizing study trips for students to see the world. They took groups to Washington D.C, New York, Greece, Paris, and beyond to discover first hand what they were learning in their textbooks.

In 2002 the Comers took advantage of an opportunity to buy the current property for Hidden Hills Ranch. The 65 acres of wooded hills was vast and beautiful. They began transforming the property by making simple camp sites and inviting others to experience the outdoors with them. Their curriculum library moved and took on even more and more books. It was accessed by hundreds of students over the years and was only recently retired after several area charter schools began.

Over the years, the vision of the Ranch grew into a partnership with the Educational Resources of Monterey County, and the Comers began to adopt animals in need of rescue. They groomed arenas, carved out trails, built more buildings, and worked to make the property a haven for everyone who stepped foot on the Hidden Hills dirt. Education continues in summer camps, lessons, field trips, and early educational classes. HHR is also a vendor for area charter schools including Ocean Grove, Compass, and Inspire schools.

Students and adults from every socio-economic background, every race and creed have come and continue to be invited to HHR.  Homeschool families and day-school students alike come to the Ranch to experience nature, learn, rest, create, and grow. Hidden Hills Ranch has begun welcoming groups for special events, retreats, reunions, and even weddings.

The Comers and the staff at Hidden Hills welcome you to come for a visit!


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