A place of refuge for your Homeschool student

Our philosophy for Homeschool Haven is to be a refuge for out of the box thinkers, to create a welcoming environment, to build up one another, and to use personal strengths to solve problems. We use the outdoors as our classroom to re-center our brains from our sometimes hectic lives and let nature be our living teacher.
In the younger group, literature comes alive in ways that reading alone can't, and animals will be our best friends and biggest supporters. In the older group, we delve into the world of botany, biology, and wilderness survival, while using core routines, games, and exploration to gain a closer connection with nature and build strong, healthy mentorships. This is a place where it's okay to learn differently because that's what makes us all unique and important.
Welcome to all those who value the discovery of learning—Hidden Hills Ranch is your haven!


Homeschool Haven Drop-off Course

Thursday Drop-Off Course

9:30am-12:00pm, ages 5-7, Click to register below
9:30am-12:00pm, ages 8-12, Click to register below

Our 12 week course is offered for $360.

Students are welcome to bring a bag lunch and stay to eat together and play on the lawn between 12:00- 12:30pm.

Course starts on August 22nd!

Any questions, or need to be added to the waitlist?

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Passport: Music around the world

Fridays from 10am to 12pm

Ages 5+

Join us for an introduction as we explore the world through rhythmic practice and folk art. Immersion of cultures, collaborations of sounds, and creative musical experiments will make up this exciting new class!

Each week we will explore new countries!

Sewing 101: Intro

  • Sewing machine & Iron Safety

  • Identify parts of the sewing machine & tools

  • Learn to sew seams

  • Complete sewing projects

6-Week Thursday Class

2 Sessions Offered

Geared for ages 8 & older

Cooking 101

Get your kids excited about cooking! they will learn how to read a recipe, safety in the kitchen, skills to prep and prepare a tasty dish. Math and Science as well as some etiquette will be covered in the process!

6-Week Friday Class

10:00am to 12:00pm

Geared for ages 8 & older


Ranch Wranglers

  • Learn animal handling

  • Care and behavior

  • Grooming Techniques

Come ready to get a little dirty with our weekly ranch chores!

This is a group class for ages 5+.

12-Week Thursday Class

1pm to 2:30pm


Lil’ Farmers

12-Week Wednesday Class

10am to 12pm

Ages 4 and Under

Parents required to stay

Our Lil' Farmer program is set in Hidden Hills beautiful environment where a child's natural curiosity and sense of wonder can be fostered. Each class children will spend time playing, working, and exploring the outdoors, either on the ranch, garden, or in nature! They will engage in activities such as storytelling and singing songs, farm chores, gardening, baking, painting, and handicrafts.


Questions about any of our programs?

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