Cookies and Cream (Goat)

Cocoa (Alpaca)


Minnie is a miniature horse trained as our ranch ambassador.  She arrived full of love and energy as a little filly ready to be transformed into a therapy miniature horse.  Today she is giving to others by acting as a teacher - helping students learn how to train and use service animals in the community.  Keep a look out for Minnie, she will be making her way around schools, senior centers, and hospitals to spread her love and cuteness every where she goes.

Famous Amos

Famous Amos is our biggest celebrity out at the ranch.  He is the donkey that brings Mary through the streets of Bethlehem every winter in the Salinas reenactment of the living Nativity, Streets of Bethlehem.  Last year, Amos had a very rough week when he choked on some feed.  The people at the vet hospital worked hard to rescue this sweet and steadfast patient and skillfully saved his life.  Now Amos doesn’t have his darling hee-haw, but his thoughtful presence and heart of gold touches everyone he meets.


Carnitas is a miniature pot bellied pig.  Never intended for the breakfast table, she was raised in town as a much loved pet.  Her life changed when neighbors complained and she had to come rough it out at the ranch.  We happily accepted this prima donna with her pink satin blanket.  She regally performs tricks for her admirers and reigns supreme over the mini-corral.  Her town family comes out regularly to give her treats and scratch her belly.  We are so happy to have our piggy princess.

Amanda (Guinea Pig)

Mr. Cheeks (Miniature Cow)

Bandit (Rabbit)

Stormy (Pony Appaloosa)

Hidden Hills Ranch

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Popcorn (Miniature Horse)

Niblet (Goat)

Have an e-card sent as a gift sporsorship.  Let us know what you would like the email to say.  If it is a birthday or special gift, give us any information about the recipient, and we will do our best to make a custom card to fit the occasion. 

Tilly (Miniature Pot-Bellied Pig)



Dottie (Boer Goat)

Lucky and various cats

Lucy (Goat)

Bambi (Rabbit)

Sponsorship gifts support the work of Hidden Hills Ranch.  To assist the greatest number of animals in need, and to make sure your gift does the most good, your donation will be used in combination with other sponsorship gifts to help keep our animals fed and cared for.  Please go to the Sponsorship FAQ page for more information.


Aladdin (Arabian Bay)

Blossom (Miniature Donkey)

Baston (Peruvian Paso Chestnut)

When visiting Hidden Hills Ranch, meeting our friendly animals is often the highlight! Many of our animals have come to us in need to find a forever home.

This season give the perfect gift by sponsoring an animal at Hidden Hills Ranch.  Give your loved ones a gift of compassion, warmth, and love.


Elsa came to us from a large thoroughbred rescue operation.   When she arrived at the ranch she was very skittish.  She hadn't been ridden in quite sometime.  Whenever someone tried to ride her, she bucked them off.  She was also very thin.  After a lot of tender loving care, and a ton of hay, Elsa is a gentle giant.   She is named after the beautiful, yet misunderstood, Disney princess and sometimes is even dressed up like one for fairy camp.  Elsa is now our hero, a caring and sympathetic teacher for even our youngest riders.

Jake (Quarter Horse Chestnut)

Emma (Emu)

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Bullwinkle (Miniature Donkey)

Star (Pony Buckskin)

All of our animals are available for sponsorship.  If you would like to sponsor one of our other animals out at Hidden Hills Ranch, please use the donate button to make a donation.  Once you have donated, contact us at to let us know which animal you sponsored. We will do the rest!

Jacob (Jacob Sheep)

Felix (Goat)

Poncho (Quarter Horse Paint)

Elvis (Rabbit)

Ginger (Rabbit)

Little Lucy

Little Lucy is a pygmy goat.  What a sweetie this little doe is.  She came to the ranch as a rescue--so thin and sick.  Nursed back to health with the help many volunteers, she is now are real love bug.  Not liking to get her pretty little feet dirty, this little one will stand and cry for you to come give her a little love where ever she is.  Once you are in her reach she will snuggle and, if you let her, she will put her little nose under your chin. Just watch those little horns! Little Lucy is so sweet that her rhinestone collar she wore at the last ranch event barely reflects how her little personality just sparkles.

Various species of chickens

Casper and Cody (Alpacas)

Sheldon (Goat)

Munchkin (Miniature Horse)


Licorice is all dressed up for the holidays.  Licorice is a special mare.  She came to the ranch trained by the Amish to pull a cart. But due to a fused fetlock, Licorice was sent to the ranch to be brushed and loved.  She is such a special and patient horse that, with special boots, she is now a favorite of our new students taking lessons through our outreach program.